Easy Egg White Omelet

by Liquid Eggs | September 03, 2014


Original recipe makes 4 servings
Cooking spray
2x tablespoons chopped onion
2x tablespoons chopped green bell pepper
2x tablespoons chopped mushrooms Salt and ground black pepper to taste
1x (32 ounce) container refrigerated pasteurised egg white substitute (such as EggTech egg Whites.

 PREP 10 mins

COOK 10 mins

READY IN 20 mins


  1. Spray a 9x5-inch glass or microwave-safe loaf pan with cooking spray; sprinkle the onion, green bell pepper, and mushrooms into the pan, and toss lightly with a fork just to mix. Season with salt and black pepper, and pour in the egg whites.
  2. Cook in a microwave oven on High setting for 3 minutes. Remove and stir the cooked egg white from the side of the pan into the rest of the ingredients; cook for 3 more minutes on High. If the omelet is still a little runny on top, slice it into chunks and turn them over in the loaf pan; microwave for 30 more seconds on High. Adjust salt and pepper, and serve.