About our Product

Liquid Egg Whites

Pasteurised liquid egg whites - No Fat, Low in Kilojoules, No Cholesterol.

Made from REAL eggs. Preservative FREE.


Quality & HACCP - Pure Protein has embraced the directives of The Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI),
Woolworths Code of Practice and all pertinent regulations, ensuring a quality product that conforms to all International standards. By ensuring our products are of the highest international standard, we are certified to export our products to all countries outside our
South African borders. To ensure certification means that our food safety and quality system, including our HACCP Plan, is to be audited by third parties annually, and that these programs have been certified to satisfy all of the requirements of the current legislation.

Quality egg products depend on quality raw materials. This is why Pure protein is very particular about our suppliers and the raw materials that are supplied. Stringent requirements are in place whereby each supplier must be audited by EggTech before any transactions take place.

These raw ingredient suppliers need to pass a Food Safety Audit of their own facilities and production practices. 
Audits of both suppliers and distributors are performed on an ongoing basis.

All Pure Proteins products are certified both Halaal and Kosher.

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As per customer requirements, Kosher Passover products are also produced.

Each product has its own set of specifications and must conform to these at all times.

All products are tested for Microbiological stability and are supplied with both a batch number and
Certificate of Analysis (COA).